Plectrum Chord Inversions
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Major Chords
Minor Chords
7th Chords
Now that you see them, what are they used for? Chord Inversions are Chord Formations, known as: Forms I, III, V. They are special because if you move the shape anywhere on the fretboard (up or down) they will Still be a Major, Minor, 7th, Diminished or Augmented Chord---The only thing that changes, is the Chord Name! In one position it may be a C major chord, move it to another position on the fretboard and it becomes another Major chord, but the shape of the chord does not change. The same is true for the Minor, 7th, Diminished and Augmented Chord Forms. Inversions are the basis for playing Chord Melody. In Each of the Chord Forms above, the Black Dot signifies the "Root" note of the Chord. That is, the note the chord is named for.
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The V Form 7th has the root note on the third string where the Black and white dot is, even though this note is not played!
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The Number on each note indicates which finger is used to hold the string down to form the chord.
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Below each Chord, to hear that chord. Each Chord is played in the exact fret position as shown. The thick black bar is the Nut.