Offering high quality Pre-Mounted and Un Mounted "white" and "off white" Thin, smooth surface calf skin banjo heads, and New solid square brass, calf skin mounting hoops.
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18" Diameter "White" Thin, Un mounted, Calf Skin Banjo Head.

Price: $20.00 USD, includes USPS Priority Shipping & Handling within the Continental USA.

18" Diameter "Off White" Thin, Un mounted, Calf Skin Banjo Head. Please note; My available "Off white" skin supply is not as dark as pictured.

Price: $20.00 USD, includes USPS Priority Shipping & Handling within the Continental USA.

"White" Calf Skin Banjo Heads may have some light beige color areas, but it does not effect the quality of the calfskin.
"Off White" Calf Skin Banjo Heads will have some brown color areas, but it does not effect the quality of the calf skin.

Calf Skin Mounting Hoops are made from: 1/8th Inch Solid Square New Brass.

Price: $17.00 With Free Priority Shipping/Handling within the Continental USA.

I will ship Overseas and to Canada, but there is an extra shipping charge. Also effective 09/07/2006, I cannot be responsible for replacing lost or delayed packages. If insurance and tracking beyond the USA exit point is required, USPS Priority Express International must be used. For the cost for these shipping services please e-mail me here



Need to ship Overseas or to Canada?

To add extra shipping for Overseas or Canada, after I quote cost thru e-mail. Just click on "Cart" and add the amount needed by changing the "quantity" at check out. Note: I have the dollar amount set for 1 dollar increments.
Click on picture it see larger view of the Calf Skins.

How to install a calf skin banjo head, in PDF. printable form.

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Sound recording of me playing "Sweet Sue", on my Vega Vox III with a "White" Thin, calf skin banjo head.

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Calf Skin Banjo Head Questions & Answers.


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Quantity Price for 10 Calf Skins is $160.00 USD Plus Shipping (actual).

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Specials! Check here for any mounted, clearance, or Odds & Ends.

I also accept Money orders for payment.

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View one of these "White" Calf Skin Banjo Heads Installed on My Vega Vox III.

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Final word about my Calf Skins: I sell only high quality calf skins and every skin I sell will be defect free or you may return it for a complete refund or replacement before soaking. I personally inspect each calf skin before I ship it. I will not sell/ship a calf skin unless it is 100% usable.
In Stock
In Stock
If your hoop size is not listed in the drop down menu just pick "Optional Instructions", then write the size you need at "check out" in the "Optional Instructions" area.
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This an example of a Thin, White, Smooth 11" Diameter Pre-mounted Calf skin for an 11" flat head rim.
New, pre mounted 11" diameter, thin, smooth, calf skin banjo heads, using a solid square brass hoop, made for 11" flat head banjos. Price: $45.00 each with free USPS Priority Shipping For USA shipping only. Overseas shipping will be higher--please e mail for cost.
New! Pre mounted heads Scroll down page.
12 inch diameter, flat top, pre-mounted calf skin banjo heads with solid square brass mounting hoop.
A perfect fit, with no filing or modifications of any kind needed!
$47.00 With Free USPS Priority Shipping Within the USA. Others extra
Pre-mounted Banjo Heads
Pre-Mounted Banjo heads
12" premounted Calf skin. Shown mounted on a 12" Flat head tone ring.
11 inch diameter Arch Top Pre-Mounted Banjo Heads With Solid Square Brass Mounting Hoops.
$45.00 With Free USPS Priority within the USA. Others extra.
NEW! Pre- Mounted Calf skin Banjo Heads. Scroll down!
Pre-Mounted Banjo Heads!
Take a trip down memory lane and check out the J.B.Rogers calf skins that were sold Circa 1950's. Click Here
Please Note; J.B. Rogers Calf Skins Are Not For Sale By Me Now! And I only offer this picture as an historical banjo document for those interested in the J. B. Rogers fine calf skin banjo head line.
18" Vellum Processed calf skin Click on picture for larger view.
New! 18" Diameter Unmounted Vellum Processed Calf skin
I have a limited supply at this time. $20.00 each includes USA shipping. White only.
Vellum process is a smooth finish skin more closely resembling a smooth parchment as used in the past for writing on. It is very well suited for use as a Banjo Head and offers bright full sound.

New Pre-Mounted 11" Vellum Processed White Only Calf Skin Banjo Heads-Limited Supply at this time $45.00 With Free USPS Priority Shipping, USA only. Overseas extra shipping costs. Email Me

Click picture on the left to see a larger view.
Please Note for any returns; I DO NOT Refund Any Shipping Costs, unless I shipped an item other then what you ordered.
I must receive an e-mail from you prior to receiving any item back for replacement or refund. Please measure your banjo rim before ordering a flesh hoop or premounted head. No refunds allowed on hoops or premounts if you order the incorrect size. Also, it's very important that you make sure your e-mail program or service does not place "" in the junk or spam mail folder. Please place it on your accepted list. I cannot be responsible if you do not receive any of my e-mails to you.
Terms of sales
Hoop Size; Please measure rim/tone ring for size needed
Banjo Head Color needed
Vellum Processed Calfskin looks similar to a "Remo Fyberskin" head--except it's brighter sounding when tightened and is thiner . It's tough and sounds great!
Type of Banjo Head
Type of Banjo Head


Remember when "Personal Service" meant dealing with the owner of the store? Well that's the way my store operates! No large impersonal customer service department. I handle all orders and answer all questions to the best of my ability....Bill Miller