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4 String Audio Showcase
This is a place where anyone may post an audio file they make playing any 4 string instrument. If you like, your picture may also be posted. Send to: info@banjoseen.com
All Showcase files are strictly for learning and teaching purposes and may not be used for any other purpose. Also, no monetary payment will be made for the posting or use of any audio files.
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1. Rolling down to old Maui
Recorded by Peter P. This is a traditional whaling
song from the Pacific Ocean. Tenor guitar tuned in 5ths, one step down from
standard CGDA to Bb F C G. Played using a flatpick
2. Walbash Cannon Ball
Recorded by Peter P.with a solid body tenor guitar.
Tuning Bb,F,C,G
3. I'm the Tenor Guy
Playing a short scale "GoodTime" Deering banjo
2001 Melnechenko. It's a 21 fret 22" scale tenor tuned Low to High: A,E,B,F#. Owner: Peter P. From Vancouver BC
4. Cod Liver Oil
For more information about Tenor Guitars visit: http://www.tenorguitar.com
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
Preformed by Steve Caddick with Tenor Banjo at the "Spring Fling" 2003
From: Gerhard Pehland, Munich, Germany. "Bluegrass on a tenor banjo" Played on a Gibson TB5-fingerpicking Bluegrass style.
Bluegrass on a Tenor Banjo
Jeff Kirchner, Playing a 1926 Large Pot "Little Wonder" and a 1919 Large Pot "Tub-A Phone". Also playing: Guitar & Bass.
1. Flywheel
2. Looking At The Bean
Both Original Compositions.
Played on Jeff's Grandfather's Kel Kroydon Model 10 Tenor
1. Swagger
Links to more audio files.
1. Don Peckham's Banjo Music Playing a 1925 B&D Silver Bell #1 Plectrum Banjo
2. Peter P.. Playing Tenor guitar
1.Heliotroup Bouquet

2. Tiger Rag

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