Play "Bye Bye Blues"
Play "St. Louis Blues"
My Name Is Bill And This Entire Web Site Is Dedicated To The Advancement Of The 4 String Banjo, More Commonly Called Plectrum And Tenor Banjos. Plectrum Banjos Having A 22 Fret Neck With Standard Tuning CGBD. Tenor Banjos Having Either A 17 Or 19 Fret Neck With Standard Tuning CGDA.
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Pictured at 1 year. Sunny is now 3 yrs old Backup Vocal & Bells on my recordings!
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Beautiful dusk photo of Altenburg Castle, Bamberg Germany
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Playing 1930 Vegaphone Plectrum with Calf skin Head Or how it may have sounded if recorded in 1930 and played today: St. Louis Blues/78rpm
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